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Novel orthohepeviruses in wild rodents from São Paulo State, Brazil.

de Souza, William Marciel; Romeiro, Marilia Farignoli; Sabino-Santos, Gilberto; Maia, Felipe Gonçalves Motta; Fumagalli, Marcilio Jorge; Modha, Sejal; Nunes, Marcio Roberto Teixeira; Murcia, Pablo Ramiro; Figueiredo, Luiz Tadeu Moraes.
Virology; 519: 12-16, 2018 06.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29627586
The Hepeviridae comprise single-stranded positive-sense RNA viruses classified into two genera, Orthohepevirus and Piscihepevirus. Orthohepeviruses have a wide host range that includes rodents, but previous studies had been restricted to rodents of the Muridae family. In this study, we applied a high-throughput sequencing approach to examine the presence of orthohepeviruses in rodents from São Paulo State, Brazil. We also used RT-PCR to determine the frequency of orthohepeviruses in our sampled population. We identified novel orthohepeviruses in blood samples derived from Necromys lasiurus (1.19%) and Calomys tener (3.66%). Therefore, our results expand the host range and viral diversity of the Hepeviridae family.