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Paediatricians' Practice About SUDDEN Infant Death Syndrome in Catalonia, Spain.

de Luca, Federico; Gómez-Durán, Esperanza L; Arimany-Manso, Josep.
Matern Child Health J; 21(6): 1267-1276, 2017 06.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28160232
Background SIDS is the major cause of death among healthy born infants in developed countries. Its causes are still unclear, but its risk can be reduced by implementing some simple active interventions. In Spain, limited attention was given to SIDS by the national healthcare system, and actual data on healthcare professionals' practice on this topic was not available. This study explored for the first time paediatricians' knowledge and practice about SIDS. Methods A cross-sectional survey was carried out between November 2012 and April 2013 in Catalonia, and reached 1202 paediatricians. The response rate was 46%. Results 94% of respondents perceived themselves as qualified for giving advice and recommendations about SIDS to parents, but only 58% recognized the supine position as the safest position and recommended the supine position exclusively to parents. Seniority and 'having received a specific training about SIDS' were detrimental to paediatricians' knowledge. Discussion Efforts should be made in order to improve paediatricians' knowledge and practice about SIDS. Specific refresher trainings are highly recommended, and should especially target paediatricians with higher seniority. These trainings could be provided as optional modules, as we could see that the paediatricians who would most benefit from them are already aware of the need to refresh their knowledge.