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Seguridad clínica y reclamaciones por responsabilidad profesional en Oftalmología. / Seguridad clínica y reclamaciones por responsabilidad profesional en Oftalmología. / Clinical safety and professional liability claims in Ophthalmology.

Dolz-Güerri, F; Gómez-Durán, E L; Martínez-Palmer, A; Castilla Céspedes, M; Arimany-Manso, J.
Arch Soc Esp Oftalmol; 92(11): 528-534, 2017 Nov.
Artículo en Inglés, Español | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28669562


Patient safety is an international public health priority. Ophthalmology scientific societies and organisations have intensified their efforts in this field. As a tool to learn from errors, these efforts have been linked to the management of medical professional liability insurance through the analysis of claims.


A review is performed on the improvements in patient safety, as well as professional liability issues in Ophthalmology.


There is a high frequency of claims and risk of economic reparation of damage in the event of a claim in Ophthalmology. Special complaints, such as wrong surgery or lack of information, have a high risk of financial compensation and need strong efforts to prevent these potentially avoidable events. Studies focused on pathologies or specific procedures provide information of special interest to sub-specialists. The specialist in Ophthalmology, like any other doctor, is subject to the current legal provisions and appropriate mandatory training in the medical-legal aspects of health care is essential.


Professionals must be aware of the fundamental aspects of medical professional liability, as well as specific aspects, such as defensive medicine and clinical safety. The understanding of these medical-legal aspects in the routine clinical practice can help to pave the way towards a satisfactory and safe professional career, and help in increasing patient safety. The aim of this review is to contribute to this training, for the benefit of professionals and patients.