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TREHS: An open-access software tool for investigating and evaluating temporary river regimes as a first step for their ecological status assessment.

Gallart, Francesc; Cid, Núria; Latron, Jérôme; Llorens, Pilar; Bonada, Núria; Jeuffroy, Justin; Jiménez-Argudo, Sara-María; Vega, Rosa-María; Solà, Carolina; Soria, Maria; Bardina, Mònica; Hernández-Casahuga, Antoni-Josep; Fidalgo, Aránzazu; Estrela, Teodoro; Munné, Antoni; Prat, Narcís
Sci Total Environ; 607-608: 519-540, 2017 Jul 10.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28704676 ] Language(s): English
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Beall's List Removed: What Stands Between Us and Open Access Predators?

Mimouni, Michael; Braun, Eyal; Mimouni, Francis B; Mimouni, Daniel; Blumenthal, Eytan Z
Am J Med; 130(8): e371-e372, 2017 Aug.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28734385 ] Language(s): English
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"You Cannot Collect Data Using Your Own Resources And Put It On Open Access": Perspectives From Africa About Public Health Data-Sharing.

Anane-Sarpong, Evelyn; Wangmo, Tenzin; Ward, Claire Leonie; Sankoh, Osman; Tanner, Marcel; Elger, Bernice Simone
Dev World Bioeth; 2017 Jul 25.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28745008 ] Language(s): English
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Open Access: Concepts, findings, and recommendations for stakeholders in dentistry.

Hua, Fang; Shen, Cenyu; Walsh, Tanya; Glenny, Anne-Marie; Worthington, Helen
J Dent; 2017 Jun 29.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28669693 ] Language(s): English
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Front-of-neck airway meets front-of-neck simulation: improving cricothyroidotomy skills using a novel open-access three-dimensional model and the Airway App.

Duggan, Laura V; Lockhart, Shannon L; Romano, Kali R; Weingart, Scott D; Levitan, Richard M; Brindley, Peter G
Can J Anaesth; 2017 Jul 11.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28699074 ] Language(s): English
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The dilemmas of the European Union's open access to data policy.

Destremau, Blandine; Giacaman, Rita; Harb, Mona; Herrera, Linda; Mexi, Maria; Mitwalli, Suzan; Murphy, Emma C; Rabaia, Yoke; Welchman, Lynn; Zambelli, Elena
Lancet; 390(10090): 122-123, 2017 Jul 08.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28699585 ] Language(s): English
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The impact factor of an open access journal does not contribute to an article's citations.

Chua, S K; Qureshi, Ahmad M; Krishnan, Vijay; Pai, Dinker R; Kamal, Laila B; Gunasegaran, Sharmilla; Afzal, M Z; Ambawatta, Lahiru; Gan, J Y; Kew, P Y; Winn, Than; Sood, Suneet
F1000Res; 6: 208, 2017.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28649365 ] Language(s): English
Results  1-10 de 6.753