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Knowledge of scientific misconduct in publication among medical students.

Mubeen, Syed Muhammad; Ghayas, Rabia; Adil Rizvi, Syed Hasan; Khan, Sohaib Ahmed
Educ Health (Abingdon); 30(2): 140-145, 2017 May-Aug.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28928344 ] Language(s): English
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Correcting the Medical Literature: "To Err Is Human, to Correct Divine".

Christiansen, Stacy; Flanagin, Annette
JAMA; 318(9): 804-805, 2017 09 05.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28873144 ] Language(s): English
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Policing misconduct: More data needed on scientific misconduct.

Reinhart, Martin
Nature; 549(7673): 458, 2017 Sep 27.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28959959 ] Language(s): English
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Standardized mean differences cause funnel plot distortion in publication bias assessments.

Zwetsloot, Peter-Paul; Van Der Naald, Mira; Sena, Emily S; Howells, David W; IntHout, Joanna; De Groot, Joris Ah; Chamuleau, Steven Aj; MacLeod, Malcolm R; Wever, Kimberley E
Elife; 62017 Sep 08.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28884685 ] Language(s): English
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The visibility of scientific misconduct: A review of the literature on retracted journal articles.

Hesselmann, Felicitas; Graf, Verena; Schmidt, Marion; Reinhart, Martin
Curr Sociol; 65(6): 814-845, 2017 10.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28943647 ] Language(s): English
Results  1-10 de 7.983