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Duplicate publication bias weakens the validity of meta-analysis of immunosuppression after transplantation.

Fairfield, Cameron J; Harrison, Ewen M; Wigmore, Stephen J
World J Gastroenterol; 23(39): 7198-7200, 2017 Oct 21.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 29093629 ] Language(s): English
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The perceived feasibility of methods to reduce publication bias.

Carroll, Harriet A; Toumpakari, Zoi; Johnson, Laura; Betts, James A
PLoS One; 12(10): e0186472, 2017.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 29065125 ] Language(s): English
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Findings of Research Misconduct.

Fed Regist; 82(191): 46251-46252, 2017 10 04.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 29022599 ] Language(s): English
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Mind the Gap! How the Digital Turn Upsets Intellectual Property.

Vica, Constantin; Socaciu, Emanuel-Mihail
Sci Eng Ethics; 2017 Oct 27.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 29079912 ] Language(s): English
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Order Without Intellectual Property Law: Open Science in Influenza.

Kapczynski, Amy
Cornell Law Rev; 102(6): 1539-648, 2017.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 29048862 ] Language(s): English
Results  1-10 de 8.004