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Technical Peer Review: Methods and Outcomes.

Keenan, Andrew M; Cranston, Toni; Hill, Kelsey; Stocker, Derek J
J Nucl Med Technol; 2017 Aug 10.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28798228 ] Language(s): English
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Peer Review Practices for Evaluating Biomedical Research Grants: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association.

Liaw, Lucy; Freedman, Jane E; Becker, Lance B; Mehta, Nehal N; Liscum, Laura
Circ Res; 121(4): e9-e19, 2017 Aug 04.
Article [MEDLINE PMID: 28684631 ] Language(s): English
Results  1-10 de 8.874