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PDGF and bFGF modulate tube formation in adipose tissue-derived stem cells.

Keerl, Silke; Gehmert, Sebastian; Gehmert, Sanga; Song, Yao-Hua; Alt, Eckhard
[ PMID: 20224347 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
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Prolonged survival of initially unresectable hepatic colorectal cancer patients treated with hepatic arterial infusion of oxaliplatin followed by radical surgery of metastases.

Goéré, Diane; Deshaies, Isabelle; de Baere, Thierry; Boige, Valérie; Malka, David; Dumont, Frédéric; Dromain, Clarisse; Ducreux, Michel; Elias, Dominique
[ PMID: 20224373 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
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MRI-model to guide the surgical treatment in breast cancer patients after neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Straver, Marieke E; Loo, Claudette E; Rutgers, Emiel J T; Oldenburg, Hester S A; Wesseling, Jelle; Vrancken Peeters, Marie-Jeanne T F D; Gilhuijs, Kenneth G A
[ PMID: 20224378 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
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The influence of margin width and volume of disease near margin on benefit of radiation therapy for women with DCIS treated with breast-conserving therapy.

Rudloff, Udo; Brogi, Edi; Reiner, Anne S; Goldberg, Jessica I; Brockway, Julia P; Wynveen, Christine A; McCormick, Beryl; Patil, Sujata; Van Zee, Kimberly J
[ PMID: 20224381 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
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Pelvic node dissection in prostate cancer: extended, limited, or not at all?

Hyndman, Matthew Eric; Mullins, Jeffrey K; Pavlovich, Christian P
[ PMID: 20224412 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
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AC133 expression in egyptian children with acute leukemia: impact on treatment response and disease outcome.

Elgendi, Hoda Mohammed; Mekawy, Mohammed Amin; Abdel Wahab, Soha Ezz-Alarab; Tawfik, Lamis Mohamed; Ismail, Eman Abdel Rahman; Adly, Amira Abdel Monaem
[ PMID: 20224439 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
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Supraselective injection of intraarterial melphalan as the primary treatment for late presentation unilateral multifocal stage Vb retinoblastoma.

Aziz, Hassan A; Boutrid, Hinda; Murray, Timothy G; Berrocal, Audina; Wolfe, Stacey Quintero; Pina, Yolanda; Dorfman, Mark; Moftakhar, Roham; Fernandes, Cristina E; Reichbach, Jennifer; Aziz-Sultan, Mohammad Ali
[ PMID: 20224464 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
Resultados  1-10 de 547.854