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Childhood cancer mortality trends in Brazil, 1979-2008

Autor(es): Ferman, Sima; Santos, Marceli de Oliveira; Ferreira, Juliana Moreira de Oliveira; Reis, Rejane de Souza; Oliveira, Julio Fernando Pinto; Pombo-de-Oliveira, Maria S; Camargo, Beatriz de
Fonte: Clinics;68(2): 219-224, 2013. ilus, tab
Artigo [ ID: 25275 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
Publicação: Revisão
OBJECTIVES: Childhood cancer mortality has substantially declined worldwide as a result of significant advances in global cancer care. Because limited information is available in Brazil, we analyzed trends in childhood cancer mortality in five Brazilian regions over 29 years. METHODS: Data from children 0-14 years old were extracted from the Health Mortality Information System for 1979 through 2008. Age-adjusted mortality rates, crude mortality rates, and age-specific mortality rates by geographic region of Brazil and for the entire country were analyzed for all cancers and leukemia. Mortality trends were evaluated for all childhood cancers and leukemia using joinpoint regression. RESULTS: Mortality declined significantly for the entire period (1979-2008) for children with leukemia. Childhood cancer mortality rates declined in the South and Southeast, remained stable in the Middle West, and increased in the North and Northeast. Although the mortality rates did not unilaterally decrease in all regions, the age-adjusted mortality rates were relatively similar among the five Brazilian regions from 2006-2008. CONCLUSIONS: Childhood cancer mortality declined 1.2 to 1.6% per year in the South and Southeast regions.(AU)
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