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The impact of coagulation parameters on the outcomes of patients with severe community-acquired pneumoniarequiring intensive care unit admission

Autor(es): Salluh, Jorge I. F; Rabello, Ligia S. C. F; Rosolem, Maira M; Soares, Márcio; Bozza, Fernando A; Verdeal, Juan Carlos R; Mello, Gustavo W; Faria Neto, Hugo C. Castro; Silva, José Roberto Lapa e; Bozza, Patrícia T
Fonte: Journal of Critical Care;26: 496-501, 2011. ilus, tab
Artigo [ ID: 25275 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
Introduction: Coagulation abnormalities are frequent in patients with severe infections. However, thepredictive value of D-dimer and of the presence of associated coagulation derangements in severecommunity-acquired pneumonia (CAP) remains to be thoroughly evaluated. The aim of this study wasto investigate the predictive value of coagulation parameters in patients with severe CAP admitted to theintensive care unit.Methods: D-Dimer, antithrombin, International Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis score, clinicalvariables, Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA), The Acute Physiology and Chronic HealthEvaluation II (APACHE II) and the CURB-65 score were measured in the first 24 hours. Results areshown as median (25%-75% interquartile range). The main outcome measure was hospital mortality.(AU)
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