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Prognostic factors in pediatric palliative care: development of a survival predicting score

Autor(es): Kurashima, Andréa Yamaguchi; Ribeiro, Karina de Cássia Braga; Latorre, Maria do Rosário Dias; Camargo, Beatriz de
Fonte: Appl. cancer res;25(2): 65-70, Apr.-June 2005.
Artigo [ ID: 25276 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
OBJECTIVE: To identify prognostic factors that predictssurvival in children and adolescents in palliative care.MATERIAL AND METHODS: 87 children referred to thepediatric palliative care team were evaluated for socialdemographic, clinical, and laboratory variables.RESULTS: A prognostic score was developed in 49patients based on a final model, which included thefollowing variables: diagnosis, anemia, home careprovider and patient’s (PPS) score given by homecaregiver. The sum of the single scores has given anoverall score for each patient and was used to subdividethe study population into three groups, with differentprobability of 60-day survival: (1) Group A: survivalprobability 84.4%; (2) Group B: survival probability57.8%; (3) Group C: survival probability 15.4% (p<0.001).CONCLUSION: A pediatric palliative care score basedon easily accessible variables proved to be statisticallysignificant (p<0.05) in a multivariate analysis. The scoreis valid to this population. Factors that helpmultidisciplinary team to predict the life expectancyenable adequate information to be given to patients andfamilies participating in therapeutic decision-makingissues.(AU)
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