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C-reactive protein in community-acquired sepsis: you can teach new tricks to an old dog

Autor(es): Salluh, J. I; Lisboa, T
Fonte: Crit. care (Lond., Online);1: [186], 2011.
Artigo [ ID: 25281 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
ABSTRACT: Severe sepsis is a major challenge for clinicians caring for acutely ill patients. For many years, several biomarkers have been tested and proposed to improve the ability not only to diagnose but also to anticipate clinical response to antibiotics. Despite the availability of many sophisticated and novel biomarkers, current evidence demonstrates that C-reactive protein (CRP), a well-known and relatively inexpensive biomarker, is useful in the clinical setting. The sequential evaluation of plasma CRP concentrations in patients with severe sepsis and the interpretation of its patterns may allow assessments of individual prognosis and response to treatment.(AU)
Localização: BR440.1