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Adjuvant systemic therapy in young women.

Autor(es): Carrizosa, Daniel R; Carey, Lisa A
Fonte: Breast Dis;23: 67-71, 2005-2006.
Artigo [ PMID: 16823168 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
Publicação: Artigo de Revista; Revisão
About a third of all newly diagnosed breast cancers occur in women under the age of 50 [1,2]. Young women face many of the same adjuvant treatment issues that their postmenopausal counterparts encounter. Unfortunately, they also experience issues that are unique to their age, their hormonal status, and their longer life expectancy. We will examine the issues regarding cytotoxic and biologic therapy as well as the controversies regarding optimal endocrine and chemoendocrine therapy in the premenopausal woman, and we will explore some of the survivorship issues faced by young women after breast cancer therapy.