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Tumor de Merkel en atención primaria./ [Merkel cell carcinoma in primary care].

Autor(es): Borraz-Ordás, M C; Pacheco-Arroyo, J; Díaz-Corpas, T
Fonte: Semergen;38(2): 115-7, 2012 Mar.
Artigo [ PMID: 24895709 ] Idioma(s): Espanhol
Publicação: Relatos de Casos; Resumo em Inglês; Artigo de Revista
Merkel cell tumour is a rare malignant cutaneous neoplasm of neuroendocrine origin. It mainly affects women over 50, is generally located in photo-exposed areas, is normally asymptomatic and of rapid growth. It has a high percentage of recurrences and metastasis, with the most frequent sites of dissemination being the skin, followed by the regional lymph nodes. Its treatment is still controversial. We report a clinical case of a 76-year-old woman with erythematous nodule in the right forearm that was not responding to treatment. The final diagnosis was a Merkel tumour and after the treatment it shows good progress.