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Malignant mixed Mullerian tumour of the prolapsed cervix: A case report.

Autor(es): Massinde, Anthony N; Rumanyika, Richard R; Kihunrwa, Albert; Rambau, Peter; Magoma, Moke
Fonte: Tanzan J Health Res;14(2): 158-61, 2012 Apr.
Artigo [ PMID: 26591738 ] Idioma(s): Inglês
Publicação: Relatos de Casos; Artigo de Revista
Malignant mixed Mullerian tumour is a rare gynaecological tumour commonly presenting with vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain or mass in the uterine cavity, cervix or vagina. The neoplasms are commonly seen in postmenopausal women although it has been observed in younger women. Ovaries and the corpus of the uterus are commonly involved, whereas involvement of the cervix and vagina is rare. A 37 year-old Tanzania lady para 7 with a previous history of two genital polypectomies presented with history of recurrent vaginal mass which was associated with abnormal vaginal bleeding and foul smelling discharge. Vaginal examination revealed a prolapsed uterus with giant fungating cervical mass which was ulcerated, friable, and bled easily on touch. Impression was grade three uterine prolapse with infected cervical polyp/cervical sarcoma. Excision of the tumour through trans-vaginal hysterectomy was performed, no lymphadenopathy was found, no adnexa abnormalities, and no involvement of the vaginal wall. Histological diagnosis of Malignant mixed Mullerian tumour of the cervix was made. Patient recovery was unremarkable; however she was lost to follow up. The patient's mass was initially suspected to be prolapsed uterus with decubitus ulcer but the histological results were of a malignant condition. Lack of clear management guidelines for some rare mixed tumours remains a challenge for clinicians in low resource settings.