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Colômbia: cenário de estudo em enfermagem no programa de mobilidade / Colombia: estudio del escenario de enfermería en el programa de movilidad académica internacional / Acadêmica internacional colombia: a study scenario in nursing in the program of international academic mobility

Jung, Bianca Contreira de; Freitag, Vera Lucia; Gonzáles, Roxana Isabel Cardozo; Dalmolin, Indiara Sartori.
Rev. enferm. UFSM; 5(4): 675-682, out.-dez. 2015.
Artículo en Portugués | BDENF - enfermagem (Brasil) | ID: bde-27665


to report the experience of a nursing student in International Academic Mobility Program in Colombia.


critical and reflective report of the experience held in Colombia during the first semester of 2012.


the experience made possible to experience theoretical and practical activities, participation in the organization of scientific events, presentation of academic papers at conferences and access to the research field in the Colombian scenario, with the guaranty of working on an everyday specific and singular studies in nursing.Final Remarks: as contributions, there is a will to stimulate the students to perform mobility in their graduation, intensifying the academic and professional improvement and thus contributing to quality higher education and opening it to the integration between countries. (AU)
Biblioteca responsable: BR568.1
Ubicación: BR568.1