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Evaluation of the economic impact of a national lymphoedema service in Wales.

Humphreys, Ioan; Thomas, Melanie J.
Br J Nurs; 26(20): 1093-1100, 2017 Nov 09.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29125341
Lymphoedema Network Wales has focused on maximising the impact of its service through the effective use of available resources to ensure high-quality and consistent care for people with lymphoedema across Wales. The aim of this evaluation was to estimate the economic impact of a national lymphoedema service on the NHS Wales budget. Work was undertaken to determine the care pathway within Lymphoedema Network Wales and develop a hypothetical 'world without' the service as a comparator. The four groups of patients that made up the pathways were group 0: 'at risk', group 1-2: 'uncomplicated lymphoedema', group 3: 'complicated/complex' and group 4: 'palliative care'. Overall resource utilisation between 6 months pre- and 6 months post-entry indicated that there were significant cost reductions to be seen after lymphoedema service entry for all patients in each group. This evaluation provides estimates that suggest that the service is likely to be cost saving when people with lymphoedema are managed within Lymphoedema Network Wales rather than in a 'world without' the service.