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Calidad de las guías de práctica clínica sobre úlceras venosas de la extremidad inferior. / Calidad de las guías de práctica clínica sobre úlceras venosas de la extremidad inferior. / Quality of clinical practice guidelines of lower extremity venous ulcers.

Rumbo-Prieto, José María; Arantón-Areosa, Luis; Palomar-Llatas, Federico; Romero-Martín, Manuel.
Enferm Clin; 2017 Nov 18.
Artículo en Inglés, Español | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29162388
The clinical variability and professional uncertainty in the prevention and treatment of lower extremity venous ulcers (VU) has as a main consequence, the fact that patients can be subjected to diagnostic and therapeutic tests, sometimes of dubious utility, these may even be harmful to the health of the patient and that, at other times, certain procedures or processes that may be appropriate to the patient's situation and needs may be omitted. It is for this reason that a series of specific documents called clinical practice guidelines for the approach of VU (CPG-VU) have been created, with the aim of improving the effectiveness and quality of care, reducing unjustified variability and establishing homogeneous criteria for its handling. Nevertheless, the literature shows that not all CPGs have the same methodological and evidence-drawing criteria. Many of them are of poor scientific quality and editorial rigor. This implies that CPGs should be periodically reviewed and updated based on the most current evidence and their quality contrasted with validated instruments such as AGREE-II. After an analysis of the quality of six CPG-VU available today, it has been possible to identify what guidelines are recommended for its implementation in the practice of care, which should be modified to improve their applicability and development of the evidence.