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The Impact of State Nursing Home Staffing Standards on Nurse Staffing Levels.

Paek, Seung Chun; Zhang, Ning J; Wan, Thomas T H; Unruh, Lynn Y; Meemon, Natthani.
Med Care Res Rev; 73(1): 41-61, 2016 Feb.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26174211
This study investigated the impact of state nursing home staffing standards on nurse staffing levels for the year 2011. Specifically, the study attempted to measure state staffing standards at facility level (i.e., nurse staffing levels that each individual nursing home must retain by its state staffing standards) and analyzed the policy impact. The study findings indicated that state staffing standards for the categories of registered nurse, licensed nurse, or total nurse are positively related to registered nurse, licensed nurse, or total nurse staffing levels, respectively. Nursing homes more actively responded to licensed staffing requirements than total staffing requirements. However, nursing homes did not increase their staffing levels as much as those required by state staffing standards. It is possibly because the quality-oriented inspection allows flexibility in nursing homes' control of nurse staffing levels.