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Health technology assessment in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Aqeel, Sinaa.
Artigo em Inglês | | ID: mdl-29733227
INTRODUCTION: The Saudi government, similar to any other government, is committed to making public spending more efficient, using resources more effectively, and limiting waste. Health technology assessment (HTA) is a tool that informs policy and decision makers regarding the formulation of safe and effective policies that are patient-focused and help to achieve efficiency when allocating limited healthcare resources. Areas covered: After a brief description of HTA in the international context, this review provides a brief introduction to Saudi Arabia's healthcare system, followed by a delineation of the decision maker(s) and influencers and the decision-making process for pricing and reimbursement. The article then discusses the current status of HTA in Saudi Arabia and proposes four strategic objectives that can form the first step in the development of a formal HTA process. Expert commentary: In Saudi Arabia, facilitators for incorporating HTA into the decision-making process exist. Future local research is needed to guide the implementation of full HTA.