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Vaccines: specific features, simulation of impact and medico-economic modelling.

Author(s): Launay, Odile; Hoch, Didier; Saint-Sardos, Christelle; Guillemot, Didier
Source: Therapie;65(4): 357-65, 347-55, 2010 Jul-Aug.
[ PMID: 20854759 ] Language(s): English; French
: Journal Article
In a context where a number of vaccinations have recently been recommended in France, and where a large number of vaccines are under development, the Round Table has reviewed the specific features of vaccines in France, namely clinical development, medico-economic modelling, evaluation and communication. In each of these domains, the key stages and processes to be improved have been identified, and proposals made. The main strategic challenges are to promote the development of vaccines in France by access to the large-scale monitoring of populations, to look ahead and coordinate the evaluation of vaccines by the various parties involved, to widen communication about vaccination strategies, in order to improve the perception of vaccines and the acceptability of vaccinations, and to increase vaccination coverage. The Round Table has also proposed the creation of a working group to be responsible for pursuing, monitoring and implementing the proposals formulated.