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Assessing medical technologies in development. A new paradigm of medical technology assessment.

Autor(es): Hummel, M J; van Rossum, W; Verkerke, G J; Rakhorst, G
Fonte: Int J Technol Assess Health Care;16(4): 1214-9, 2000.
[ PMID: 11155841 ] Idioma: Inglês
Tipo de publicação: Artigo de Revista
OBJECTIVE: Our study aims to provide a practical contribution to the field of medical technology assessment within a new paradigm. This paradigm indicates the need for more comprehensive technology assessments in the development stage of a new technology. METHOD: We introduce a method, based on Saaty's Analytic Hierarchy Process, which quantitatively supports discussions between the various actors that shape the technology's development and diffusion. These discussions focus on technical, medical, social, and economical requirements relevant to the design and diffusion of the new technology. DISCUSSION: In contrast to more traditional technology assessments, our method encompasses the perspectives of the diverse actors in the social context of technology development and diffusion. It influences their decision making on technology design and diffusion in order to improve this technology's later clinical as well as social effectiveness.