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Vigilância da influenza: avanços e desafios para o Brasil/ Influenza surveillance: advances and challenges for Brazil

Autor(es): França, Divânia Dias da Silva; Caetano, Karlla Antonieta Amorim; Pessoni, Grécia Carolina; Silva, Leandro Nascimento da; Araujo, Sheila de Arruda Santos; Silva, Adriana Magalhães da; Nascimento, Laura Branquinho do; Silva, Fluvia Pereira Amorim da
Fonte: Rev. eletrônica enferm;20: 1-4, 2018.
LILACS - Literatura Latino-Americana e do Caribe em Ciências da Saúde ID: 915108

Surveillance of antiviral resistance markers in Argentina: detection of E119V neuraminidase mutation in a post-treatment immunocompromised patient

Autor(es): Pontoriero, Andrea; Avaro, Martín; Benedetti, Estefania; Russo, Mara; Czech, Andrea; Periolo, Natalia; Campos, Ana; Zamora, Ana; Baumeister, Elsa
Fonte: Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz;111(12): 745-749, Dec. 2016. graf
LILACS - Literatura Latino-Americana e do Caribe em Ciências da Saúde ID: 829259
Resumo: Although vaccines are the best means of protection against influenza, neuraminidase inhibitors are currently the main antiviral treatment available to control severe influenza cases. One of the most frequent substitutions in the neuraminidase (NA) protein of influenza A(H3N2) viruses during or soon after oseltamivir administration is E119V mutation. We describe the emergence of a mixed viral population with the E119E/V mutation in the NA protein sequence in a post-treatment influenza sample (mais)

Space-time epidemiology and effect of meteorological parameters on influenza-like illness in Phitsanulok, a northern province in Thailand.

Autor(es): Nimbalkar, Prakash Madhav; Tripathi, Nitin Kumar
Fonte: Geospat Health;11(3): 447, 2016 Nov 21.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 27903058
Resumo: Influenza-like illness (ILI) is an acute respiratory disease that remains a public health concern for its ability to circulate globally affecting any age group and gender causing serious illness with mortality risk. Comprehensive assessment of the spatio-temporal dynamics of ILI is a prerequisite for effective risk assessment and application of control measures. Though meteorological parameters, such as rainfall, average relative humidity and temperature, influence ILI and represent crucial (mais)

Prevalence and correlates of vaccine hesitancy among general practitioners: a cross-sectional telephone survey in France, April to July 2014.

Autor(es): Verger, Pierre; Collange, Fanny; Fressard, Lisa; Bocquier, Aurélie; Gautier, Arnaud; Pulcini, Céline; Raude, Jocelyn; Peretti-Watel, Patrick
Fonte: Euro Surveill;21(47)2016 Nov 24.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 27918262
Resumo: This article sought to estimate the prevalence of vaccine hesitancy (VH) among French general practitioners (GPs) and to study its demographic, professional and personal correlates. We conducted a cross-sectional telephone survey about GPs' vaccination-related attitudes and practices in 2014 in a national panel of 1,712 GPs in private practice, randomly selected from an exhaustive database of health professionals in France. A cluster analysis of various dimensions of VH (self-reported vacci (mais)

A major impact of the influenza seasonal epidemic on intensive care units, Réunion, April to August 2016.

Autor(es): Filleul, Laurent; Ranoaritiana, Dany Bakoly; Balleydier, Elsa; Vandroux, David; Ferlay, Clémence; Jaffar-Bandjee, Marie-Christine; Jaubert, Julien; Roquebert, Bénédicte; Lina, Bruno; Valette, Martine; Hubert, Bruno; Larrieu, Sophie; Brottet, Elise
Fonte: Euro Surveill;21(47)2016 Nov 24.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 27918264
Resumo: The 2016 seasonal influenza in Réunion in the southern hemisphere, was dominated by influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 (possibly genogroup 6B.1). An estimated 100,500 patients with acute respiratory infection (ARI) consulted a physician (cumulative attack rate 11.9%). Sixty-six laboratory-confirmed cases (65.7/100,000 ARI consultations) were hospitalised in an intensive care unit, the highest number since 2009. Impact on intensive care units was major. Correlation between severe cases was 0.83 between Réunion and France and good for 2009 to 2015.

'Between Combat boots and Birkenstocks'-Lessons from HIV/AIDS, SARS, H1N1 and Ebola.

Autor(es): Crawford, R; Rutz, D C; Evans, D P
Fonte: Public Health;141: 186-191, 2016 Dec.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 27931998
Resumo: OBJECTIVES: In late 2013, an Ebola outbreak quickly grew into an epidemic of extraordinary magnitude, killing more people than all previous Ebola outbreaks combined. Although the epidemic was unprecedented, the world had previously experienced several acute public health emergencies requiring global coordination. HIV/AIDS, SARS and H1N1 tested global response, and in each case coordination proved problematic, making the 2013-2015 Ebola epidemic no exception. The purpose of this project was (mais)

Disease surveillance in England and Wales, November 2016.

Fonte: Vet Rec;179(22): 565-568, 2016 Dec 03.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 27935502
Resumo: ▪Current and emerging issues: recrudescence of Schmallenberg virus▪Highlights from the scanning surveillance network▪Update on international disease threats▪Focus on avian influenza in EuropeThese are among matters discussed in the Animal and Plant Health Agency's (APHA's) November disease surveillance report.

Epidemiological and Virological Characteristics of Influenza in Chongqing, China, 2011-2015.

Autor(es): Qi, Li; Xiong, Yu; Xiao, Bangzhong; Tang, Wenge; Ling, Hua; Long, Jiang; Xiao, Dayong; Zhao, Han; Ye, Sheng; Chen, Shuang; Yu, Zhen; Li, Qin
Fonte: PLoS One;11(12): e0167866, 2016.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 27936139
Resumo: BACKGROUND: Chongqing is the largest municipality and located in Southwestern of China, with over 30 million registered inhabitants. There are few reports regarding the epidemiology of influenza in Chongqing. The objective of the paper is to explore the epidemiology of influenza in Chongqing, in order to provide scientific basis for prevention and control of influenza. METHODOLOGY /PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: From 2011 to 2015, we collected information on influenza-like illness (ILI) patients fulfi (mais)

Effect of Influenza Vaccination of Children on Infection Rate in Hutterite Communities: Follow-Up Study of a Randomized Trial.

Autor(es): Wang, Biao; Russell, Margaret L; Moss, Lorraine; Fonseca, Kevin; Earn, David J D; Aoki, Fred; Horsman, Gregory; Caeseele, Paul Van; Chokani, Khami; Vooght, Mark; Babiuk, Lorne; Webby, Richard; Walter, Stephen D; Loeb, Mark
Fonte: PLoS One;11(12): e0167281, 2016.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 27977707
Resumo: BACKGROUND: An earlier cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT) of Hutterite colonies had shown that if more than 80% of children and adolescents were immunized with influenza vaccine there was a statistically significant reduction in laboratory-confirmed influenza among all unimmunized community members. We assessed the impact of this intervention for two additional influenza seasonal periods. METHODS: Follow-up data for two influenza seasonal periods of a cluster randomized trial involvi (mais)

Assessing the State of Knowledge Regarding the Effectiveness of Interventions to Contain Pandemic Influenza Transmission: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis.

Autor(es): Saunders-Hastings, Patrick; Reisman, Jane; Krewski, Daniel
Fonte: PLoS One;11(12): e0168262, 2016.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 27977760
Resumo: BACKGROUND: Influenza pandemics occur when a novel influenza strain, to which humans are immunologically naïve, emerges to cause infection and illness on a global scale. Differences in the viral properties of pandemic strains, relative to seasonal ones, can alter the effectiveness of interventions typically implemented to control seasonal influenza burden. As a result, annual control activities may not be sufficient to contain an influenza pandemic. PURPOSE: This study seeks to inform pand (mais)

An Epidemiological Analysis of Summer Influenza Epidemics in Okinawa.

Autor(es): Sunagawa, Satoko; Iha, Yoshikazu; Taira, Katsuya; Okano, Sho; Kinjo, Takeshi; Higa, Futoshi; Kuba, Kazufumi; Tateyama, Masao; Nakamura, Katsunori; Nakamura, Shota; Motooka, Daisuke; Horii, Toshihiro; Parrott, Gretchen L; Fujita, Jiro
Fonte: Intern Med;55(24): 3579-3584, 2016.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 27980256
Resumo: Objective This study evaluates the difference between winter influenza and summer influenza in Okinawa. Methods From January 2007 to June 2014, weekly rapid antigen test (RAT) results performed in four acute care hospitals were collected for the surveillance of regional influenza prevalence in the Naha region of the Okinawa Islands. Results An antigenic data analysis revealed that multiple H1N1 and H3N2 viruses consistently co-circulate in Okinawa, creating synchronized seasonal patterns an (mais)
Resultados  1-12 de 959