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De gecombineerde orthodontisch restauratieve behandeling. / [Combined orthodontic and restorative treatment].

Kuijpers, M A R; Loomans, B.
Ned Tijdschr Tandheelkd; 122(11): 575-81, 2015 Nov.
Artigo em Holandês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26568998
In patients with agenesis or enamel anomalies in anterior teeth combined orthodontic and restorative treatment is often necessary to achieve an optimal aesthetic result. How both can best be achieved, but also how to maintain the result, requires communication between the dentist and the orthodontist. The orthodontic treatment plan needs to be established in cooperation with the dentist who will carry out the restorative treatment while the patient is at a young age. Since with these young patients, who are still growing craniofacially and whose teeth are still developing, possible future restorative and/or orthodontic treatment, as well as the means of orthodontic retention, need to be included in the treatment plan. In cleft palate patients, it is also important that methods of orthodontic retention of maxillary arch width are given timely attention in the restorative treatment plan because it is especially vulnerable to relapse.