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Transferência de tecnologia para a produção pública de medicamentos: elementos para discussão do caso de Moçambique / Technology transfer for public production of medicines: elements for discussion of the case of Mozambique

Thesis in Portuguese | ARCA | ID: arc-14858
This study examines the interface between technology transfer and public drug production, taking as its example the cooperation project between the governments of Brazil and Mozambique to set up a drug production plant in the latter s capital city, Maputo, between 2003 and 2013. It offers input to the discussion primarily as regards the conditions in which cooperation of this kind can contribute to improving access to drugs, particularly in developing countries. The study reviews the chief issues involved in the technology transfer process (intellectual properties rights and industrial property rights) and points up information that can assist more in-depth critical analysis of these processes, especially when they involve developing countries. The methodological strategy was case-study based, with the emphasis on qualitative data collection mechanisms (literature and documentary survey and analysis) and social observation (by the author, who forms part of the Fiocruz team that conducted this cooperation project). The relationship between drug production and industrial property is described, highlighting the tension that exists between countries need to offer essential drugs to their populations at accessible prices and the profit motive inherent to transnational drug producer corporations. Also discussed are the main challenges facing public drug production in Brazil, with reference to Brazil s policy of producing generics, which involves Farmanguinhos, at Fiocruz, as one of its leading public laboratories producing antiretroviral drugs.