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Análise do perfil sociodemográfico de notificados para hepatite B e imunização contra a doença / Análisis sociodemográfico del reportado hepatitis B y la inmunización contra la enfermedad / Sociodemographic analysis of reported hepatitis B and immunization against the disease

Rev. pesqui. cuid. fundam. (Online); 9(3): 627-633, jul.-set. 2017. tab
Article in English, Portuguese | BDENF - Nursing | ID: bde-31108


To analyze the socio-demographic profile of reported hepatitis B and immunization against the disease.


Study Hepatitis B notification data in the surveillance of a Minas Gerais’ municipality, from 2007 to 2015, conducted at the Labor Education Program for Health descriptive and analytical statistics, with significance level of p < 0.05.


132 cases and two deaths were notified. The age of the reported cases ranged from zero to 87 years, average 35.8 (± 14.0) years. More frequently for men (52.3%) and with low education (64.8%). Most of them did not vaccinate (81.8%) and had positive result of HSBsAg serology (90.1%); immunization was not linked to the socio-demographic profile (p > 0.05).


Age, education and gender were not associated with immunization, vaccination schedule and the HSBsAg test. The absence of vaccination among the notified suggests need for health education among the population, orienting the possibility of protection by immunization.(AU)
Responsible library: BR1208.1
Localization: BR1208.1