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Depressão, motivos para viver e o significado do suicídio em graduandos do curso de psicologia / Depression, reasons for living, and the meaning of suicide in psychology undergraduates / Depresión, razones para vivir y el significado del suicídio en estudiantes del psicologia

Estud. Interdiscip. Psicol; 8(1): 22-37, jun 2017. Tabelas
Article in Portuguese | LILACS | ID: biblio-832909
Among 15% to 25% of undergraduates develop a mental disorder during formation, being depression one of the most prevalent. The objective was to investigate rates of depression and reasons to live in undergraduate psychology students. Participated 77 students (M = 22.83, SD = 6.8; 72.7% female). They responded to the Escala Baptista de Depressão (Versão-Adulto) (EBADEP-A), Escala de Motivos para Viver (EMVIVER), and a open question concerning what the students thought about suicide. It was found negative correlations between EBADEP-A and EMVIVER, showing that as increases depressive symptoms, the reasons to live decrease or vice versa. Qualitative analysis showed that most of the participants see suicide as a way to end the pain/suffering, escape, among others. Investigation is necessary to provide better knowledge about suicide in order to make possible forms of preventions (AU).
Responsible library: BR512.1
Localization: BR512.1