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Efectividad de la mamografía como prueba de tamizaje para reducir la mortalidad por cáncer de mama: revisión sistemática / Mammogram’s effectiveness as a screening test to reduce breast cancer mortality: a systematic review

Med. lab; 2014, 20(11-12): 555-574, 2014. tab, ilus
Article in Spanish | LILACS | ID: biblio-834802


Mammography is a widely used diagnostic test for early detection of breast cancer in their subclinical stage. Moreover, it is safe and accepted by most patients, and allows timely establishment of medical or surgical treatment. Different studies have confirmed the effectiveness in preventing death from breast cancer; however, the current magnitude is less than the previously reported.


To describe the main information available on reducing mortality from breast cancer due to the use of mammography as a screening test.


A systematic review was conducted to search publications included in the Medline-PubMed, Cochrane and SciELO, using the terms “breast cancer screening”, “mammographic screening”, “assessing the impact of screening mammography”, “assessment of the effectivenessof mammography screening”, “effect of screening mammography on breast-cancer”, “breast cancer screening update“, among others. The original articles, clinical trials, reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, written in English, published between 1986 and 2014, which used the screening mammography,were selected.


From systematic search, 63 publications transcendent to determine the effectiveness of screening mammography were included to the writing of this manuscript.


Mammography remains the mainstay for screening of breast cancer, despite the wide variation between studies regarding risk reduction of mortality, ranging from nonexistent to statistically significant, plus the false positives and overdiagnosis that have limited establish their net profit.
Responsible library: CO373.9