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Rehabilitación psicosocial y atención comunitaria: algunas consideraciones críticas y una propuesta de guion para el debate / Psychosocial rehabilitation and community care: some critical considerations and a proposal of an outline for discussion

Rev. Asoc. Esp. Neuropsiquiatr; 37(131): 257-276, ene.-jun. 2017.
Article in Spanish | IBECS | ID: ibc-163289
This article intends to present in an ordered and synthetic way different aspects that are object of professional debate in relation to what we call rehabilitation. It’s a debate that also concerns our Association (and most specially its Rehabilitation section) and deals with the question whether the different «things» which we use to include under that generic and supposedly unitary denomination constitute something separated, differentiated or integrated in community care, whether they are of a general or specialized character, whether they must be assigned to the health or to the social services systems or whether it can even be developed outside the strictly professional system. With this goal we analyze some of the main factors involved in this debate, trying to situate the topics in an objective manner but without resigning to express our own opinions (AU)
Responsible library: ES1.1
Localization: BNCS