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[Immune response to one booster dose of inactivated hepatitis A vaccine in college students].

Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi; 38(5): 625-628, 2017 May 10.
Article in Chinese | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28651399
To evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of one booster dose of inactivated hepatitis A vaccine in young adults. The subjects were selected from participants in the clinical trial of immunogenicity of inactivated and attenuated live hepatitis A vaccine in young adults. Eligible subjects were those who had received one dose of inactivated or attenuated hepatitis A vaccine, could be contacted and were sero-negative before primary vaccination. All qualified subjects were immunized with one booster dose of inactivated hepatitis A vaccine. The blood samples were collected before booster dose vaccination and 28 days after the immunization. Anti-HAV antibody titer ≥20 mIU/ml was considered to be sero-protected against hepatitis A virus. The GMCs in the inactivated HAV vaccine group and attenuated live vaccine group before booster dose vaccination were 70.80 mIU/ml and 50.12 mIU/ml, respectively, and the sero-protection rates were 94.7 and 65.0 , respectively. After the vaccination of the booster dose, the sero-protection rates in both groups were 100.0 , and the GMCs were 2 816.09 mIU/ml and 2 654.55 mIU/ml, respectively. The GMCs and sero-protection rates of anti-HAV antibody in young adults declined after three years of the primary vaccination. However, the higher GMC and sero-protection rate were observed in the inactivated vaccine group than in the attenuated live vaccine group. Significant increases of GMC levels were observed in both groups after one booster dose vaccination.