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Overseas Hepatitis B Vaccinations Among Newly Arrived Cubans in Texas-2010-2015.

J Immigr Minor Health; 2017 Sep 01.
Article in English | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28864860
We assessed hepatitis B virus (HBV) serologic results among newly arrived Cubans with vaccination documentation. We matched the post-arrival health assessment HBV serologic results of Cubans who arrived during 2010-2015 in Texas with their overseas hepatitis B (HepB) vaccination records in the CDC's Electronic Disease Notification database and calculated the proportion of those immune due to HepB vaccinations. Among 2123 who had overseas HepB vaccination and serologic results, 1072 (50.5%) had three valid documented doses of HepB. Of these 1072, 441 (41.1%) were immune due to HepB vaccination, 24 (2.2%), immune due to natural infection, 599 (55.9%), susceptible to HBV, and 8 (0.7%), HBV infected. Stratified by age, 21 (87.5%) of 24 children <5 years of age showed protection, and the antibody to HepB surface antigen (anti-HBs) decreased as age increased. Our findings concurred with previous observations that anti-HBs serologic results wane over time. Many newly arrived Cubans with complete HepB vaccination records on the U.S. Department of State overseas vaccination forms might be immune despite <10 mIU/mL anti-HBs response levels.