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Helicobacter: Inflammation, immunology and vaccines.

Helicobacter; 22 Suppl 12017 Sep.
Article in English | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28891128
Helicobacter pylori is usually acquired in early childhood and the infection persists lifelong without causing symptoms. In a small of cases, the infection leads to gastric or duodenal ulcer disease, or gastric cancer. Why disease occurs in these individuals remains unclear, however the host response is known to play a very important part. Understanding the mechanisms involved in maintaining control over the immune and inflammatory response is therefore extremely important. Vaccines against H. pylori have remained elusive but are desperately needed for the prevention of gastric carcinogenesis. This review focuses on research findings which may prove useful in the development of prognostic tests for gastric cancer development, therapeutic agents to control immunopathology, and effective vaccines.