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Épidémie de rougeole en région verviétoise : prise en charge et précautions dès l'accueil au Service des Urgences. / [Epidemic of measles in the Verviers area (Belgium) : management and precautions at the reception in the emergency department].

Rev Med Liege; 72(9): 406-409, 2017 Sep.
Article in French | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28892316
Measles is a highly contagious viral disease. Transmission occurs from person to person through direct contact or by aerosolization of pharyngeal secretions. In the area of Verviers (Belgium), we were confronted to a group of patients with measles, a public health event with local concentration. In our hospital institution, our case index dates back to the beginning of February 2017 and the follow-up of the cases indicates an upward trajectory. Sorting measures and isolations of potential patients, extensive screening and vaccinations were undertaken and coordinated from an internal management unit. Numerous contacts have been made with the competent authorities. The limitation of a measles epidemic remains a public health problem that is difficult to manage optimally, and a limited number of nosocomial cases and infections of hospital staff could not be avoided.