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You Can Reduce Secondhand Smoke Exposure! Prescribing Nicotine Replacement in the Pediatrician's Office.

Pediatr Ann; 46(9): e315-e318, 2017 Sep 01.
Article in English | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28892544
It is universally known that secondhand smoke is detrimental to children's health. There is emerging research about the negative effects of thirdhand smoke as well. Most pediatricians focus on the child's medical evaluation and treatment, without considering other family members as it impacts the child's health. Screening rates for secondhand smoke exposure are low to begin with, and when we find a family member who is smoking, most pediatricians feel comfortable counseling and referring, but many do not know how to prescribe nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). In offering a prescription for NRT, pediatricians can offer tangible, timely treatment to help the family get one step closer to being smoke-free. Additionally, families may see their pediatrician more frequently than their own adult physician, and pediatricians have a unique perspective on how smoking may affect the child's health, and can use this as a motivator for quitting. This article encourages pediatricians to screen for secondhand smoke exposure and prescribe NRT to their patient's family members. [Pediatr Ann. 2017;46(9):e315-e318.].