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Kidney Vouchers and Inequity in Transplantation.

J Med Philos; 42(5): 559-574, 2017 Oct 01.
Article in English | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28922905
This article probes the voucher program from an ethical perspective. It focuses mainly on an issue of inequity. A disparity exists in US kidney transplantation. Although African-Americans suffer far higher rates of ESRD than whites, African-Americans are much less likely than whites to get a transplant (Ilori et al., 2015, 1). The article explores the voucher program in light of this disparity. It motivates the view that, at least in the short term, more whites than African-Americans are likely to take advantage of the voucher program. The program is, thus, likely to increase the gap in transplantation rates between the two groups. If this is correct, what impact does it have on the moral acceptability of the program?