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Non-CF bronchiektázie dospelých: strucný prehled pro praxi Dokument Sekce chorob s bronchiální obstrukcí Ceské pneumologické a ftizeologické spolecnosti Ceské lékarské spolecnosti J. E. Purkyne. / [Non-CF bronchiectasis of adults: short review for clinical practice Position paper of Board of disease with bronchial obstruction Czech Pulmonological and Phthiseological Society Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyne].

Vnitr Lek; 63(11): 821-833, 2018.
Article in Czech | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29303285
Bronchiectasis is a clinically important, but poorly understood, pulmonary condition characterized by dilated and thick-walled bronchi. Bronchiectasis remains a significant cause of morbidity and mortality around the world. Targeted effort to early high-resolution computed tomography diagnosis and detailed confirmation of causation are in the spotlight of respiratory physicians in the developed countries. The risk population consists of subjects with persistent and/or productive cough, where another clear diagnosis has not been performed. Specific treatment tailored on underlying diseases and non-specific airway clearance techniques are able to improve symptoms, and reduce lung impairment. Evidence-based treatment algorithms for anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic treatment of stable non-CF BE will have to await large-scale, long-term controlled studies. Surgery should be reserved for individuals with highly symptomatic, localized bronchiectasis who have failed medical management. Unfortunately, there have been few well designed longitudinal or cross-sectional studies in the field of bronchiectasis. To give truly meaningful and generalizable results, a longitudinal observational study of bronchiectasis would require to enrol several thousand patients, more than any one center can enrol. The European Bronchiectasis Registry will create an open, pan-European registry of patients with non-CF bronchiectasis. The authors emphatically recommend that all respiratory specialist managed non-CF BE subjects should be actively involved in the European Bronchiectasis Registry.Key words: bronchiectasis - diagnosis - registry - treatment.