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Usefulness of Interprofessional Education (Tsurumai-Meijo IPE) in Program Collaborating with Simulated Patients.

Yakugaku Zasshi; 137(6): 733-744, 2017.
Artículo en Japonés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28566579
Collaboration with multiple healthcare professionals is important to provide safer and higher quality care. Interprofessional education (IPE) promotes the practice of team-based care. The establishment of Tsurumai-Meijo IPE, including interprofessional education and practice (IPEP) and video-teaching materials, was conducted in collaboration with school of medicine/nursing in Nagoya University and Fujita Health University, because Meijo University does not have its own clinical settings and faculties except for pharmacy. In the established Tsurumai-Meijo IPE, pharmacy, medicine, and nursing students interviewed simulated patients (SP) together or separately and practiced team-based care through Tsurumai-Meijo IPEP. Students could learn in advance and on their own about each professional's knowledge related to patient care by using video-teaching materials from the Meijo IPE homepage. Using a questionnaire survey at the end of program, this study was examined whether Tsurumai-Meijo IPEP, and video-teaching materials were useful for understanding importance of team-based care. More than 83% of students indicated that Tsurumai-Meijo IPE is useful on future clinical practice. This suggests that the program and materials are beneficial to the medical student education. In the optional survey of some clinical pharmacists, who had participated in Tsurumai-Meijo IPE before graduation, they utilized it in their work and it facilitated their work related to team-based care. Tsurumai-Meijo IPE collaborating with SP is likely to contribute to provide high quality and safe team-based care by taking advantage of specialized professional ability of healthcare professionals.