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Validación de una técnica de Dot blot para la detección de Cercospora kikuchii en plantas de soja. / [Validation of the technique based on Dot blot for the detection of Cercospora kikuchii in soybean plants].

Rev Argent Microbiol; 2017 Nov 18.
Artículo en Español | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29162301
Cercospora kikuchii is a common pathogen in soybean plants that causes crop spoilage. Its early and precise identification would prevent the misuse of pesticides and allow the initiation of an appropriate treatment. A quick, economical and easy-to-execute technique is the Dot blot, capable of recognizing the presence of a genus-specific protein called CFP (Cercosporin Facilitator Protein). The objective was to validate this technique to guarantee the reliability of the results. For that purpose, 29 infected soybean plants and 31 healthy plants were processed, taking into account a 95% desired confidence level and a permissible error of 5%. The technique provided a diagnostic sensitivity of 93.3% and a diagnostic specificity of 96.7%. The efficiency was 95% and positive and negative predictive values were 96.6% and 93.5%, respectively. These results postulate it as a useful resource for the early detection of C. kikuchii in soybean plants.