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Caring for Dying Patient and Their Families: The Lived Experiences of Nursing Students in Italy.

J Palliat Care; 32(3-4): 127-133, 2017 Jul/Oct.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29187085


The literature from recent decades persistently suggests that nurses are not adequately trained in caring for the dying. Numerous studies call for enhanced education in end-of-life care.


To explore student nurses' experience of caring for dying persons and their families and how this experience was influenced by their undergraduate education, with a view to improving end-of-life training.


Narrative interviews were administered to a purposive sample of 18 undergraduate students at Turin University's School of Nursing and analyzed following Giorgi's qualitative phenomenological methodology.


The students' accounts featured 4 main themes: emotions and feelings, reactions and coping strategies, growth in personal and professional awareness, and the professional nursing model. Students reporting positive experience of end-of-life care in clinical settings displayed the expected learning outcomes for undergraduate nursing education.


This study's strength lies in the fact that it draws on student nurses' lived experience to assess training in end-of-life care. It confirms the need to invest in targeted end-of-life education and support for nursing students.