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The Adoption of an Online Journal Club to Improve Research Dissemination and Social Media Engagement Among Hospitalists.

J Hosp Med; 13(11): 764-769, 2018 Nov.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30484779


Twitter-based journal clubs are intended to connect clinicians, educators, and researchers to discuss recent research and aid in dissemination of results. The Journal of Hospital Medicine (JHM) began producing a Twitter-based journal club, #JHMChat, in 2015.


To describe the implementation and assess the impact of a journal-sponsored, Twitter-based journal club on Twitter and journal metrics.INTERVENTION: Each #JHMChat focused on a recently published JHM article, was moderated by a social media editor, and included one study author or guest.MEASUREMENTS: The total number of participants, tweets, tweets/participant, impressions, page views, and change in the Altmetric score were assessed after each session. Thematic analysis of each article was conducted, and post-chat surveys of participating authors and participant responses to continuing medical education surveys were reviewed.


Seventeen Twitter-based chats were held: seven (47%) focused on value, six (40%) targeted clinical issues, and four (27%) focused on education. On average, we found 2.17 (±0.583 SD) million impressions/session, 499 (± 129 SD) total tweets/session, and 73 (±24 SD) participants/session. Value-based care articles had the greatest number of impressions (2.61 ± 0.55 million) and participants (90 ± 12). The mean increase in the Altmetric score was 14 points (±12), with medical education-themed articles garnering the greatest change (mean increase of 32). Page views were noted to have increased similarly to levels of electronic Table of Content releases. Authors and participants believed #JHMChat was a valuable experience and rated it highly on post-chat evaluations.


Online journal clubs appear to increase awareness and uptake of journal article results and are considered a useful tool by participants.