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Preparing Undergraduates for the Global Future of Health Care.

Ann Glob Health; 85(1)2019 Mar 19.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30896130


Health professionals must be academically and experientially prepared regarding the social determinants of health to reduce health disparities at the global level. The emerging literature reflects a trend for incorporating global health competencies for health care. Specifically, recommendations from the Consortium of Universities for Global Health, National Academy of Medicine, and multiple nursing organizations encourage the inclusion of a global health curriculum.


To describe the development of an undergraduate global health certificate program and provide recommendations for the development of future global health programs.


At the completion of the certificate program, students felt better prepared to apply course content to culturally diverse populations in low resource settings.RECOMMENDATIONS: Before developing a global health program, preconceived ideas about study abroad experiences and faculty concerns associated with course overload should be dispelled through evidence-based, educational sessions. Curricular time constraints in content-laden programs should be mitigated through an appropriate mix of e-learning formats. Last, a strong value must be placed on interprofessional education to facilitate capacity building through a bi-directional flow of knowledge and resources between the educational institution and the host country.