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Medidas educativas para minimizar os riscos ocupacionais na equipe de enfermagem da UTI / Medidas docentes para minimizar los riesgos laborales en el equipo deenfermería en la UCI / Educational measures to minimize occupational hazards in the ICU nursing staff

Rev. pesqui. cuid. fundam. (Online); 9(2): 583-591, abr.-jun. 2017. ilus, tab
Artigo em Inglês, Português | LILACS | ID: biblio-836377


to identify the occupational risks to ICU workers, as well as the risk factors; and to propose educational measures to those risks.


This is an integrative review conducted on the Lilacs, BDENF and Medline databases, after the inclusion and exclusion criteria, six articles were selected.


The results indicated biological, chemical, ergonomic, physical and mechanical hazards, the presence of occupational risks and occupational risk factors that influence the routine and the development of the nursing team’s work. Studies show few educational measures in order to mitigate these types of risks to workers.


All occupational hazards are present in the ICU, but the ergonomic risk is responsible for the higher rates in the polls showing stress as a major consequence. Continuing education permeates the educational proposals to minimize occupational hazards.
Biblioteca responsável: BR1208.1