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Diseño asistido por computadora de la inmovilización covalente de bromelina y papaína / Computer-aided design of bromelain and papain covalent immobilization

Rev. colomb. biotecnol; 16(1): 19-28, ene.-jun. 2014. ilus, tab
Artigo em Inglês | LILACS | ID: lil-715294
Enzymes as immobilized derivatives have been widely used in Food, Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological industries. Protein immobilization is probably the most used technology to improve the operational stability of these molecules. Bromelain (Ananas comosus) and papain (Carica papaya) are cystein proteases extensively used as immobilized biocatalyst with several applications in therapeutics, racemic mixtures resolution, affinity chromatography and others industrial scenarios. The aim of this work was to optimize the covalent immobilization of bromelain and papain via rational design of immobilized derivatives strategy (RDID) and RDID1.0 program. Were determined the maximum protein quantity to immobilize, the optimum immobilization pH (in terms of functional activity retention), was predicted the most probable configuration of the immobilized derivative and the probabilities of multipoint covalent attachment. As support material was used Glyoxyl-Sepharose CL 4B. The accuracy of RDID1.0 program´s prediction was demonstrated comparing with experimental results. Bromelain and papain immobilized derivatives showed desired characteristics for industrial biocatalysis, such as: elevate pH stability retaining 95% and 100% residual activity at pH 7.0 and 8.0, for bromelain and papain, respectively; high thermal stability at 30 °C retaining 90% residual activity for both immobilized enzymes; a catalytic configuration bonded by immobilization at optimal pH; and the ligand load achieve ensure the minimization of diffusional restrictions.
Biblioteca responsável: CO326