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Dietary patterns affect lung cancer risk in never smokers.

Nutr Cancer; 63(6): 842-9, 2011.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-21774612
A number of studies suggest a role of dietary factors as risk predictors of lung cancer in never smokers. However, it is difficult to interpret the observed associations of lung cancer risk with any particular dietary item due to high correlation among different dietary items. In this study, we derived uncorrelated patterns of dietary items in the never smokers and evaluated the association of these patterns with lung cancer risk, using food frequency data from 299 never-smoker lung cancer patients and 317 controls enrolled in an ongoing case-control lung cancer study. We identified 2 major dietary patterns in never smokers: a "healthy eating" pattern including vegetables, fruits, and low-fat food items, and a "mixed dishes" pattern including most foods with positive loadings. Using multivariable regression analysis, we show that the healthy eating pattern is associated with a significant reduction of lung cancer risk among never smokers. The effect of the healthy eating pattern remained significant after adjustment for age, gender, education, caloric intake, secondhand smoke exposure, and family history of cancer. This finding, if confirmed in a prospective study, has a clear preventive significance, by promoting interventions encouraging healthier diets.