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What and where are the stem cells for Dentistry?

Singapore Dent J; 34(1): 13-8, 2013 Dec.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-24360261
Disinfection of root canals followed by the replacement of the infected or inflamed pulp tissues by inert materials is the foundation for treating irreversible damaged dental pulps. The management of pathological conditions of the periodontium is mainly based solely upon infection control via the reestablishment of oral hygiene, scaling and root planing to control inflammation which stops progressive bone loss. As one may see, the clinical management of endodontic and periodontal diseases has not changed drastically despite the development of new materials, techniques and medicaments. Tissue engineering is a multi-disciplinary field focused on the development of materials, techniques and strategies to improve or replace damaged or lost biological functions and tissues. As the tissue engineering field progresses, "scaffolds", "suggest pathways" and "stem cells" abandoned their role as technical words exclusively used by scientists and slowly assume a part in the language of students, educators, clinicians and patients. However the unfamiliarity with some of the concepts can lead to misinterpretations of the current status and overexcitement about future applications of stem cells for dental-related tissue regeneration. This paper will present a panorama and the future challenges on the path to use of stem cells for endodontic and periodontal tissue regeneration.