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Preoperative ethmoid artery ligation facilitates resection of large sub-frontal meningiomas.

Am J Otolaryngol; 35(3): 424-6, 2014 May-Jun.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-24499924
Optimal vascular control during neurosurgical resection of large sub-frontal meningioma is hindered by limited early access to the ethmoidal arteries. Pre-operative ligation of the ethmoidal arteries 1) induces tumor necrosis simplifying resection and 2) minimizes blood loss and operative time. Early arterial ligation is an advantage of endoscopic approaches to transnasal resection of anterior skull base meningiomas that is not appreciated in open approaches with larger meningioma. Here we present a case of a colossal meningioma where minimally invasive pre-operative ligation of ethmoidal arteries prior to a traditional open surgical approach allowed for improved vascular control and decreased surgical time.