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Platelet-rich preparations to improve healing. Part I: workable options for every size practice.

J Oral Implantol; 40(4): 500-10, 2014 Aug.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-25106016
Numerous studies have demonstrated that platelet-rich preparations applied to surgical sites, injuries, or wounds are a safe and effective way to promote soft tissue healing and bone growth. Various protocols have been developed for preparing platelet-rich preparations, with subtle but important differences between them. Unfortunately, only a minority of clinicians use platelet-rich preparations, such as platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin, in their practice, possibly due to confusion about the different methods and their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the different types of preparations are described to help guide the selection of the best method for any size practice. Classic methods generally require large volumes of blood and can be expensive, complicated, and time-intensive. Simpler protocols have been developed recently, which require relatively inexpensive equipment and small blood volumes and, thus, may be more applicable for small clinical practices. Platelet-rich preparations accelerate healing at earlier time points to reduce discomfort and the potential for adverse outcomes, including infection, poor wound closure, and delays in forming strong bone for subsequent procedures (such as implants). However, platelet-rich preparations may also improve long-term outcomes in patients expected to have impaired healing, such as with lifestyle choices (eg, smoking), medications (eg, steroids), diseases (eg, diabetes, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis), and aging, by supplementing the deficient wound environment to restore proper healing. Therefore, both large and small clinical practices would benefit from utilizing platelet-rich preparations to enhance healing in their patients.