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Cáncer oral en Santiago de Cali, Colombia: análisis poblacional de la tendencia de incidencia y mortalidad. / [Oral cancer in Cali, Colombia: a population-based analysis of incidence and mortality trends].

Salud Publica Mex; 56(5): 465-72, 2014 Sep-Oct.
Artigo em Espanhol | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-25604293


To describe the time trends of the incidence and mortality rates of oral cancer (OC) in Cali, Colombia between 1962-2007.


Age-standardized (Segi's world population) incidence (ASIR) and mortality (ASMR) rates for oral cancer were estimated using data from the Population-based Cancer Registry of Cali, Colombia and from the database of the Municipal Secretary of Public Health (MSPH) respectively. Annual percentage change (APC) was used to measure the changes in rates over time.


1637 new cases of oral cancer were registered in the CPCR and the mean age upon diagnosis was 60 years. The ASIR decreased from 1962-2007 in men APC= 1.3 (IC95%:-2.0; -0.6) and women APC= -1.0 (IC95%: -1.7; -0.4).The ASMR decreased from 1984-2001 only in men, APC=2.8 (IC95%: -4.1; -1.5).


There was a significant decrease in the incidence and mortality rates for OC in Cali, Colombia. The type of tumor associated to these changes was the squamous cell carcinoma.