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Representação social da violência doméstica contra a mulher entre Técnicos de Enfermagem e Agentes Comunitários. / [Social representation of domestic violence against women among Nursing Technicians and Community Agents].

Rev Esc Enferm USP; 49(1): 22-9, 2015 Feb.
Artigo em Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-25789638


To analyze the social representations of the Nursing Technicians and Community Health Agents about domestic violence against women.


A qualitative study carried out in the city of Rio Grande, RS, in which evocations and interviews were collected between July and November 2013. For the treatment of data were used the EVOC 2005 software and the context analysis.


It is a structured representation, in which the central nucleus contains conceptual, imaging and attitudinal elements, namely: abuse, aggression, physical aggression, cowardice and lack of respect. Such terms were present in the context of the interviews. The professionals acknowledged that violence is not limited to physical aspects and were judgemental about the acts of the aggressor.


This knowledge may enable the problematization of the studied phenomenon with the team, and facilitate the search for prevention and intervention strategies for victims, offenders and managers of health services.