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Colloidal gold-McAb probe-based rapid immunoassay strip for simultaneous detection of fumonisins in maize.

J Sci Food Agric; 97(7): 2223-2229, 2017 May.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27616272


Fumonisins are a kind of toxic and carcinogenic mycotoxin. A rapid immunochromatographic test strip has been developed for simultaneous detection of fumonisin B , B and B (FB , FB and FB ) in maize based on colloidal gold-labelled monoclonal antibody (McAb) against FB probe.


The anti-FB McAb (2E11-H3) was produced through immunisation and cell fusion, and identified as high affinity, specificity and sensitivity. The cross-reaction ratios with fumonisin B and B were accordingly 385% and 72.4%, while none with other analogues. The colloid gold-labelled anti-FB McAb probe was successfully prepared and used for establishing the immunochromatographic strip. The test strip showed high sensitivity and specificity, the IC for FB was 58.08 ng mL , LOD was 11.24 ng mL , calculated from standard curve. Moreover, the test strip exhibited high cross-reactivity with FB and FB , and could be applied to the simultaneous detection of FBs (FB :FB :FB = 12:4:1) in maize sample with high accuracy and precision. The average recoveries of FBs in maize ranged from 90.42% to 95.29%, and CVs were 1.25-3.77%. The results of the test strip for FBs samples showed good correlation with high-performance liquid chromatography analysis.


The immunochromatographic test strip could be employed in the rapid simultaneous detection of FB , FB and FB in maize samples on-site. © 2016 Society of Chemical Industry.