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A systematic archival inquiry on Juan Huarte de San Juan (1529­88).

Hist Human Sci; 24(5): 21-47, 2011.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27656715
[[Examen de Ingenios historyJuan HuarteTrial of Men's Wits psychiatrypsychology ]] Juan Huarte de San Juan (1529­88) was a physician of the Spanish Renaissance. He wrote the Examen de Ingenios para las Ciencias, translated as The Trial of Men's Wits (1989[1575­94]), a book that has been acknowledged as a precursor of educational psychology, organizational psychology, behaviorism, neuropsychology and psychiatry. Huarte suggested that before beginning a course of study, students' intellectual capabilities (i.e. ingenio) should be matched up with the professional studies that best suit their aptitudes. His book had a great impact in Europe from the late 16th century to the mid-18th century. The influence of the Trial spread throughout many areas including philosophy, politics, linguistics and literature. Although there has been a growing interest in Huarte's work in recent years, biographical studies have been rare; as a result, the information about Huarte's life is currently incomplete, scattered and sometimes inaccurate. This study presents a systematic archival research on Spanish original sources. We present a reconstruction of Huarte's life-story based on 32 original documents (1549­c.1650), some of them first discovered during the present survey. Documents are described according to the General International Standard of Archival Description, ISAD(G). The documents uncovered allow for a reappraisal of Huarte's biography.