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Desenvolvimento de um dispositivo eletrônico para organizar medicamentos e promover a adesão medicamentosa. / [Development of an electronic device to organize medications and promote treatment adherence].

Rev Panam Salud Publica; 39(4): 208-12, 2016 Apr.
Artigo em Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27657186
This article describes the development of an electronic prototype to organize medications - the Electronic System for Personal and Controlled Use of Medications (Sistema Eletrônico de Uso Personalizado e Controlado de Medicamentos, SUPERMED). The prototype includes a drawer containing 1 month's supply of medicines, sound and visual medication timers, and a memory card for recording the times when the box was opened/closed (scheduled and unscheduled). This information is later transferred to a computer. Evolutionary prototyping was used to develop SUPERMED with the Arduino platform and C programming. To read alarm and box opening/closing data, software was developed in Java. Once the alarms are programmed (ideally by a health care professional), no additional adjustments are required by the patient. The prototype was tested during 31 days by the developers, with satisfactory functioning. The system seems adequate to organize medications and facilitate adherence to treatment. New studies will be carried out to validate and improve the prototype.